Supported by leading firms in
China-Mediterranean business

Corporate Partners support CMBP’s ambition to train the next generation of managers ready to engage with projects along the “Belt & Road Initiative."

Corporate Partners support the program through case studies during classes, company visits, dedicated internships, and TOChina Career Meetups specifically designed for CMBP Alumni.

Company Visits

During the previous editions of CMBP, the class had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of leading companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. For the time being, Chinese frontiers are closed; an extra module in China in China will be organized later this year, with 10 days fully dedicated to company visits across the country. Admitted participants will receive further details about costs and timing at the completion of the program.

TOChina Corporate Mentorship

The goal of the TOChina Corporate Mentorship (the “Mentorship”) is to provide an opportunity to young entrepreneurs to develop their business in/with China, assessing the potential, refinining the business idea and implementing it in the most appropriate way. A maximum of two (2) business ideas generated by the participants to the CMBP and with a high-potential of success in Europe and/or China (the “Mentorship Plans”) are selected every year (with a maximum of 3 applicants per Mentorship Plan), ahead of the program and/or at any point during it. The Mentorship Plans are evaluated, discussed and nurtured within the Mentorship Lab, thereby helping them to become reality, grow and generate revenues.

The Mentorship takes place during each year’s edition of the CMBP and in the 12 months following the program.
  • Ahead of the program: an introductory call will be organised to discuss the Mentorship Plan and organise the activities, meetings and other events to be conducted during the CMBP by the Mentee;
  • During the program: the Mentorship Plan selected to participate in the Mentorship will be discussed during each of the modules with the relevant lecturers. The lecturers will give advice as to the aspects of the potential business of his/her competence (i.e., finance, legal, marketing, strategy, HR) and will indicate which aspects of the idea have to be improved and what actions should be taken.
  • During the last module of the program the participants shall update the Mentorship Plan and submit a work-plan (the “Work Plan”) for the following 12 months detailing the activities to be conducted, the milestones and the support required by the Mentorship. The Work Plan will be discussed with the members of the Mentorship and approved before the end of the program.
  • During the 12 months following the CMBP the Work Plan will be implemented: the participants will execute the different tasks required to reach the milestones, periodical meetings and calls will be scheduled to assist and advise the participants and possible corrective actions may be agreed, all in accordance with the Work Plan.
For more information on this program and how to be selected please send an email to